Commissioned Productions & Full Productions Service

We offer full production service for all kinds of foreign & local productions in Egypt. We provide our clients with our comprehensive knowledge of the Egyptian industry as well as facilitate their productions including creative, technical and logistical requirements.
We have a consolidation of local and international industry experts who make a great team assuring a great filming experience in Egypt. Also, our post-production team is always ready to create quality when needed.

Permits & Local Production Facilitation

Working with foreign productions for years, we are aware of the right process for foreign production permits which are completely different than the local ones. Our company is well known for all the involved parties including censorship authority, film unions, antiquities and security authorities. We have a great experience with special filming permits including antiquity locations, areal filming and underwater filming. We have great access to various locations all over Egypt.

Story Development, Script Doctoring & Research

We offer creative development for our clients’ ideas as well as get their scripts ready for production. On another hand, we create innovative original and adapted formats for film, TV and emerging digital market. We have a team of the best creative directors, scriptwriters, and researchers. It draws from a pool of the finest creative professionals, in order to create the best team for each project whether in Arabic or English.

Local Crew & All Kinds of Equipment

YOTTA is a consolidation of young, talented, experienced professionals who have a great experience with local and international productions, assuring a greatly efficient filming experience in Egypt as well as high-quality productions at international standards. We also have great relations with all the equipment suppliers in Egypt with a variety of camera, lighting, grip,.. etc. We’ve done multiple action and SFX works and we work with the best local and international experts. Besides crew and equipment, we provide all filming facilities and needed prep including scheduling, call sheets, etc.


Our logistics partner, Blue Sky Travel is one of the top travel companies in Egypt. Under our supervision, they help us facilitate all production logistics including flights, visas, hotels, transport, food, … etc.


If your project is still in the development or pitch phase, we can help you with your pitch material bundle including pitch deck, budget, schedule, Proof of Concept, teasers, posters, ROIs, etc.


If you have a production coming in Egypt and would like to connect with us and find out more about our services, we’d love to connect with you.

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